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Entry #2

Discovering new worlds, I guess?

2013-12-28 18:52:41 by KiraLiske123

So ambiance is totally off.  I always liked classical music, but I never figured I'd love to write it so much.  So now it's expected I'll be sticking to the classical genre for the most part after a few years of... everything.  Should've seen it coming considering my love of piano and violin.


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2013-12-28 20:26:47

Hey there,

i have listened to some of your 2 new classical tracks within the last days and - maybe - can give you some tipps how to improve the realism and feel in classical music tracks.

1.) Structure
You need some structure within your pieces. The best way to start is the A-B-A structure:Find a theme melody you like and play one variation of it (=first A). After that create a midpart where you bring in a key change to bring in some surprising elements and - maybe - also a emotional change (= B). After that return to your main theme and get over some variation to the end (= second A).

Overall your piece could look this way: A (4 measures Theme - 4 measures variation) - B (8 measures midpart) - A (4 measures theme - 4 measures for the outtro and ending).

Maybe this sounds odd, but it will help you a lot - trust me. Symmetry in structure can improve the quality of almost any piece really a lot! So try to do some little pieces with this method - trust me!

2.) Dynamics / Velocity
I would recommend to play quite low volume til mid volume (not fortissimo) and add reverb to it to get a warm and soft sound. Try it out - you will love it :D

3.) Piano Roll in the DAW
If you are composing in a piano roll, i would manipulate the chords that way, that the single notes are not played perfectly simultanously. If you pull them apart just a very, very little, it will increase the realism a lot.

4.) Piano VST
If you plan to write more piano tracks in the future i would recommend to get a good vst. QL Pianos is the best one i think, but also expensive. What is really beautiful, too, and much more cheap, is the NI Alicias Keys vst. I have used it a lot in my pieces. It just sounds nice and warm by itself without tweaking and has a good reverb integrated.

Hope i could give some useful advise. If you have any questions just pm me and i will help :D

KiraLiske123 responds:

Thank you for all the constructive criticism!

Yeah, I usually just let my songs flow with how I'm feeling at the time when I really get into them, but I do see a lack of structure. When I have any structure it usually ends up like A-B-Variant of A-C-End, so that's always been... not there.

As for dynamics, I really do need to work with those more, I think all of my songs are rather flat in that aspect. I'll check out those VSTs, the pianos I have right now are really basic and sound too plain, it was just less artificial than samples.


2013-12-28 20:51:53

Hm - if you dont want to pay much money and want to write classical / cinematic emotional track, i would recommend the NI Alicias Keys. Normally its about 90 € or something (thats about $ 120, but i think they have some promotion 50 % off or something - as the most other vst developers - until new year. But maybe there are also even cheaper and stil solid pianos out there - dont know :D