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Deep Epicenter Deep Epicenter

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A new great song by you. Do I hear some megaman inspiration in this, perhaps? The composition is comparable.

I have one real criticizm towards this. The melody is quite repetitious, so perhaps having some sort of short breather a bit later on would be nice. The actual composition I have no issues with.

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OpenLight responds:

This isn't one of my favorite tunes for sure. I do appreciate the compliments! I take a lot of inspiration from Megaman without intending to I guess haha. I loved the Megaman 2 soundtrack and have heard a ton of it, so it's influenced me a lot.

Test Subject B Test Subject B

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm telling you, those glissandos. xD

So then, how did I miss this one? This one tops the majority of your previous music, as does most of you currents. How's it feel to be improving? (Yup, still stuck here....)

Anyhow, this one I can't quite tell you what you did right or wrong, it's just... a good song, that's all there is to it. I can tell you that I believe the best way to put your style of music is a series of joyous and sentimental vibes that flows naturally while upkeeping your momentum within the song itself. (And glissandos... whoa, 3:36, speaking of which. Throwing off the sense of melody there. It's a neat feeling.)

Not much to say here, sorry to not be of much help.
-Liske of the Kira of the 1-2-3

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The Corrupted Citadel The Corrupted Citadel

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'm noticing you seem to have generally happier tunes in store, as even the key you used for this makes it feel like a good day. It does give the feeling of corruption of some sort, beneath it all, however. I love the highest accompaniment that enters at 1:05, that really bought me. You do seem fond of those glissandos. They're well placed and flow well with the style of the song.

The odd breaks before 3:00 were a little off putting, but that's natural, breaking the key signature. The composition is fine there, just perhaps if the second wave in the break were to be adjusted, that's the most grinding note there. The buildup at the end was extremely satisfying, but it died down really quickly.

The minimalistic ending makes it feel like there is some sort of expectancy of continuation, if you were to picture it with a vivid imagination like mine. It leaves an interesting feeling of longing and curiosity, and I liked that decision. Well done.

-Definitely KiraLiske123, not that other guy.

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